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National Patient Conference

Each year, the Sjögren's Foundation holds a National Patient Conference in support of patients nationwide. The two-day conference is designed for Sjögren's patients, caregivers, and family members to learn how to best take control of their disease and manage their overall health and day-to-day living. The Conference focuses on educating Sjögren's patients and attendees who will learn from the country’s leading healthcare professionals, thought leaders and Sjögren's experts – physicians, dentists, eye care providers, and researchers. The speakers will discuss Sjögren's as it applies to their respected disciplines, the many manifestations of Sjögren’s, best management practices for the disease and the various treatments that are available.

In addition, patients can visit and learn from our exhibitors and sponsors who also educate them on the various medications and over-the-counter treatment options for Sjögren’s and its symptoms.  The conference is also an excellent opportunity for fellow Sjögren's patients to meet and recognize that they are not alone in their fight with this life-altering disease.

The 2024 conference was held on April 5th and 6th. Registrants may rewatch sessions for 90 days.

Fall Focus Conference

The presentations in this conference are designed to help you take control of your health while learning how to manage and understand your Sjögren’s symptoms and complications. The 2023 conference was held on October 14th and the topic was: Exploring the Complexities of Oral Health in Sjögren’s.