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Exploring the Complexities of Oral Health in Sjögren's
October 14, 2023
12 - 4:30pm EST 

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Please note:
Registrants must have internet access to participate
Presentations will be available for registrants to re-watch after the conference for one year.

Sjögren’s patients are intimately aware that a dry mouth is more than just a minor inconvenience. Saliva, or lack of it, can have a major impact on your life! The Sjögren’s mouth is complex and more than “just dry”; it requires special attention and care to help prevent serious implications on your overall health and quality of life. With dry mouth affecting 93% of patients, this is an important topic that affects nearly all people living with Sjögren’s. In this program we will dive deeply into oral health in Sjögren’s, exploring topics from basic oral function & maintenance to advanced care & restoration options.  

This virtual conference will be delivered live by Sjögren’s experts in oral medicine who are committed to researching and understanding the complex Sjögren’s mouth. They will help you understand the structure of the mouth, basic care for supporting daily comfort & preventing quick decline, and lastly, how to handle an advancing Sjögren’s mouth. Each expert clinical presentation will be followed by a live question and answer session!

At this year’s Fall conference you will hear from experts on these key oral health topics:

  • Understanding the Oral Cavity and Glands
  • Basic Prevention and Care Considerations for the Sjögren’s Patient
  • Caring for the Mucosa, Gums and Glands When Problems Arise
  • The Advancing Sjögren’s Mouth & Dental Restoration Possibilities            
  • What is on the Horizon for Oral Health and Care in Sjögren’s?

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