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Many patients describe the feeling of finally getting a diagnosis as a relief.  Relief that the symptoms they have been experiencing, have a name, an autoimmune disease called Sjögren’s (SHOW-grins).

The Sjögren’s Foundation was founded by a patient, to support patients.  And to this day, that remains our main focus, educating and supporting patients and their families.

We also know that Sjögren’s is a complex disease and can sometimes be overwhelming to understand.  The Foundation encourages newly diagnosed patients to learn as you go.  Reading everything about Sjögren’s is not always the best for everyone, but knowing the high-level overview is important.

Then as your doctor talks with you about various manifestations and/or you experience new symptoms or complications, the Sjögren’s Foundation website provides essential information for you.

A few first steps a newly diagnosed patient should consider:

To learn more about your diagnosis, we encourage you to view our various resources available:

As you become more familiar with your disease, we also encourage you to join the Foundation at our local events and/or our National Patient Conference.