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Affecting an estimated 4 million people, Sjögren’s is one of the most prevalent but lesser known autoimmune diseases. It is also not a “cookie cutter” disease and affects each patient differently. This can lead to a misunderstanding about the seriousness of this complex disease and be extremely isolating for those living with it.

One of the most important ways you can help the Foundation conquer Sjögren’s is by increasing awareness. This can be as simple as telling close friends and family about this complex disease or share a blog post on your social media.  You can also become a Sjögren’s Awareness Ambassador or sign up to participate in Sjögren’s awareness outreach activities in your community.

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Sign up to Become an Awareness Ambassador!

Awareness Ambassadors are on the front lines, helping the Foundation achieve their Mission and Vision of providing credible resources to healthcare professionals and their community.  They achieve this by implementing the Foundation’s campaigns, targeted at various specialties throughout the year. 

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