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As a healthcare provider, your patients look to you to help them solve their complex medical issues. The Sjögren’s Foundation is committed to helping you by providing credible Sjögren’s resources that allow you to better identify, diagnose and manage the complications of this complex disease. We can also provide you with patient support materials and resources to help get your patients educated, informed and supported on their journey with Sjögren’s.

We do so by offering the very best materials to help you treat your patients, including:

  • The Sjögren’s Quarterly – This medical and scientific newsletter is distributed free-of-charge to thousands of healthcare providers in rheumatology, ophthalmology, optometry, dentistry, and research. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to keep on top of the latest news in Sjögren’s research and treatment best practices written and edited by the foremost experts in Sjögren’s.  

  • Sjögren’s Clinical Practice Guidelines – Clinical Practice Guidelines for assessment and management of the systemic manifestations, dry eye and dry mouth that occur in Sjögren’s.

  • Diagnosing Sjögren's - American-European Consensus Sjögren’s Classification Criteria

  • Educational Brochures – Brochures and fact sheets are offered free of charge to healthcare providers and their offices. The Foundation knows that your patients have a lot of questions. That is why we created easy to comprehend educational brochures and fact sheets to help them understand their condition.

  • Scientific Initiatives - The Sjögren's Foundation supports major scientific initiatives taking place in the field of Sjögren's.

  • Patient Support- We know patient support is a critical component of a great care plan. The Foundation offers 65 support groups across the country. In addition, there are online groups and a network of patient support volunteers to speak to patients.

  • Professional Education Opportunities – The Sjögren’s Foundation offers educational opportunities for healthcare providers and their staff to attend our Patient Seminars and National Patient Conferences free of charge. Contact the Foundation office to learn more.