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National Health Council Standards of Excellence Award

The Sjögren’s Foundation is proud to be the first and only national non-profit health organization leading the charge to conquer Sjögren’s. While focused on increasing research, education and awareness for this disease, the Foundation works on behalf of all Sjögren’s patients and is dedicated to conquering the complexities of this life-altering and debilitating disease.

The Foundation is committed to supporting all Sjögren’s patients while acknowledging the truly complex nature of this disease. Our initiatives, programs and overall efforts are first and foremost started, advanced and expanded, with the Sjögren's patient in mind. With so many people living with questions about their disease and concerned about their disease progressing, we want to make a difference for patients and provide them with answers as well as a sense of hope, now, and for the future.

The Foundation brings the voice of patients to the highest levels – to the halls of Congress, primary agencies of the United States Government, leading medical centers and prominent research institutions. We help patients tell their stories to put a human face on Sjögren's, and address the misunderstanding of this complex disease. The Foundation also serves as the lead organization for Sjögren’s worldwide.