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HarmonicSS, a research project that began on January 1st, 2017, has a vision to create an international network and alliance of partners and cohorts entrusted with the mission of addressing the unmet needs in Sjögren’s through a multidimensional approach.

There are 35 partners included in the project, including 21 clinical centers, 8 technical partners, 3 public health partners and 2 patient associations, including the Sjögren’s Foundation.

Through collaboration, the partners have created and will maintain an electronic platform with open standards and tools, enabling the secure storage, governance, analytics access control and controlled sharing of information. Utilization of this platform will allow the Sjögren’s community to:

  • Provide a training tool for non-specialized physicians and patients
  • Perform genetic data analytics in an attempt to compare the different genotypes of patients within the clinical picture
  • Develop a stratification model by defining the different phenotypes of the disease
  • Validate existing biomarkers and discover novel ones
  • Identify models of lymphomagenesis
  • Formulate clinical practices for patients and physicians
  • Develop salivary gland ultrasonography image segmentation
  • Search and suggest health policies related to Sjögren’s and evaluate their implementation.

This effort will help to bring together large cohorts of European Sjögren’s patients and harmonize them using cloud technologies as an integrated Sjögren’s cohort. By doing this, big data mining and visual analytics will be incorporated to address unmet needs identified in Sjögren’s

Visit the HarmonicSS website to learn more about this important project.

HarmonicSS Group Photo