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The aim of NECESSITY is to identify sensitive clinical endpoints that could be used in clinical trials to determine whether a new Sjögren’s medicine works or not. In addition, the project aims to identify biological markers that could be used to identify specific subgroups of patients with different types of Sjögren’s. Finally, the project plans to run an innovative clinical trial (a multi-arm, multi-stage platform trial) to validate both the newly-defined Sjögren’s endpoints and the subgroups identified.

Ultimately, the project results will contribute to the development of much-needed new treatments for Sjögren’s. In addition, many of the tools and methodologies developed by the project will also be useful for other autoimmune diseases.

Visit the NECESSITY website to learn more about this important work.

This project is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative.

What does NECESSITY stand for?
New clinical endpoints in primary Sjögren’s syndrome: an interventional trial based on stratifying patients.