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April Awareness Day 18 - Christi

Christi 48 (Diagnosed at 39)

Although I look healthy, I am often tired and in pain. When I plan for an activity/event, ALOT of preparation goes into making it work, so when I turn down last minute invitations it's truly just to keep from the possibility of being a burden.

I always plan ahead, carry liquids with me all the time and never leave home without meds or eye drops.

The Porto Vino handbags are a lifesaver. They are meant for wine but great for ice cold water as well.

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The Sjögren's Foundation began with the sharing of stories, and now, 40 years later, we are still working to keep the spirit of national awareness alive with our #ThisIsSjögrens campaign.

Every day in April, we will highlight a different patient and show a glimpse into their life with Sjögren's. This year, we will also use this campaign to give a unique "patient to patient" viewpoint and dive deeper into various Sjögren's topics with advice directly from other patients. We hope these stories will help create a better understanding of this complex disease and let all patients know that there is support through this community.

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