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The Sjögren’s Foundation encourages our patients to be their own best advocate! In addition to being better informed personally, this will also help them discuss appropriate treatments with their healthcare providers.

The Foundation is committed to expanding education of healthcare professionals as well as continuing to develop resources to help you and your doctor treat this complex disease.

Here are just a few of those resources: 

ICD-10 Code for Sjögren's

An initiative to revise and update the ICD-10 Code for Sjögren’s, which began in 2017, was coordinated and led by the Sjögren’s Foundation, in partnership with the American College of Rheumatology and with the help and input from a group of multi-specialty experts.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) serve as a resource for both patients and physicians to help standardize care for Sjögren's patients. The Sjögren's Foundation has been working on developing the first ever clinical practice guidelines for Sjögren's.

In Phase 1 of our initiative, the Foundation has produced five sets of CPGs. Phase 2 is underway now and it will look at additional manifestations including pulmonary complications, lymphoma, neuropathy, and vasculitis.

We highly recommend that our patients use them as a resource with their physicians to determine the appropriate treatment for their disease. 

Clinical Practice Guidelines (Downloadable PDFs)

Rheumatology Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sjögren's
Systemic Manifestations in Sjögren's Patients (PDF - 636 KB)

Oral Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sjögren's
Oral Management: Caries Prevention in Sjögren's Patients (PDF - 71 KB)

Ocular Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sjögren's
Ocular Management in Sjögren's Patients (PDF - 506 KB)

Pulmonary Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sjögren's
Pulmonary Manifestations in Sjögren's (PDF - 1.11 MB)

For more information on Clinical Practice Guidelines CLICK HERE

The Sjögren's Quarterly

The Sjögren’s Quarterly is a medical and scientific newsletter designed to help healthcare providers and researchers keep on top of the very latest news in Sjögren’s research, as well as treatment “best practices”, written and edited by the foremost experts in Sjögren’s.

This newsletter is complimentary to healthcare providers and researchers, and we encourage you to download this form for your healthcare providers to sign-up to receive the Sjögren's Quarterly. 
Sjögren's Quarterly Provider Order Form (PDF - 428 KB)