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Something we frequently hear from patients is that while no one plans to get an autoimmune disease, there is some sense of relief when they finally get their Sjögren's diagnosis. After what might be years of uncertainty, they can finally put a name to their disease, and start taking the necessary steps to living a full life with Sjögren's.

Living with Sjögren's Patient Survey

The Living with Sjögren’s patient survey was conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the Sjögren’s Foundation. This survey was designed to gain insight into the variety and severity of what adult Sjögren’s patients living in the U.S. experience and how the disease impacts their quality of life. 

The Summary of Major Findings results sheds light on the experiences of patients, including physical symptoms, as well as the mental, emotional, and financial impact of the disease. The following data demonstrates the serious and systemic nature of Sjögren’s.

Living with Sjögren's Survey (PDF - 467 KB)