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Melissa's story

"Since I was diagnosed with Sjögren's, I have learned..."





Since I was diagnosed with Sjögren's, I have learned all about this complex disease. When I was diagnosed, my first thought was, "what is Sjögren's Syndrome?”  After my initial shock, I had never heard of Sjögren's Syndrome and had so many questions for my Rheumatologist.  I immediately prayed for God’s guidance and began doing research on the disease, its manifestations and how it got its name.  I also needed to know how this disease may affect my life and how I can then impact and inspire others.  When we are diagnosed with Sjögren's, we have a responsibility to educate others. 

Sjögren's has affected my life by causing consistent pain, fatigue, brain fog, neuropathy, heart and breathing issues. 

I have learned to cope with my symptoms through constant prayer, leaning on my family for support, and resting when my body has had enough.  Along with taking my medications, my doctor’s and I have incorporated vitamins and herbs which have helped both minimize and control my symptoms.  I thank God for my supportive husband who is helpful in more ways than imaginable. 

After being diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases, it has become my purpose to educate, inspire, and overcome.  In life we are given challenges, but through faith and perseverance we have to keep fighting.

Let your pain become your purpose!