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Kelly Stein

"Since I was diagnosed with Sjögren’s, I have learned..."






Since I was diagnosed with Sjögren’s, I have learned to not beat myself up because I can't get things done."

What are my most difficult symptoms? Debilitating fatigue, brain fog, dry eyes and mouth, acute pancreatitis.

How has Sjögren's affected my life and how have I been able to effectively cope with the complexity of symptoms? I allow myself to rest on and off throughout the day as needed. I've noticed sometimes my body requires more sleep so I listen to it and go to bed earlier or if I can, sleep in. I have changed my diet and have given up certain foods, I try to eat pretty clean.  Stress is not my friend so I have learned to remain clam and process things differently and I hand more things over to my family for help. My daily perscribed medication has helped me as well and I really try to see at least one positive thing (if not more) a day along my journey.

What do I wish people knew about your Sjögren’s? I may look normal on the outside but on the inside I struggle every single day! When I say I'm tired, it's a tired that is hard to comprehend, it's not an average person's tired.

Given recent global events amid the coronavirus/COVID-19, do you have any specific concerns because of Sjögren's? I along with so many others are at a higher risk, we don't look like it but we are. Just do what is right and what is being asked of you to help stop the spread.

What’s my best Sjögren’s tip? Give yourself some grace and listen to your body, don't compare yourself to others.