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 "Since I was diagnosed with Sjögren’s, I have learned..." 





When I was diagnosed with Sjögren's, my first thoughts were "is this illness is spreading? Will my children have this disease? Will they find a treatment to cure this condition? Will I ever manage to be what I once was?"

For years, I have been going to doctors and getting tests done. I have tried to understand what's happening to me, like why I am always tired, why my eyes are not as they were before, why food has become difficult to swallow, etc. I had so many questions that I did not answer and the worst part was that the doctors I called did not understand me. They told me that it is just a joke, that I should take leave and rest, that it's probably just due to something happening in my life, that I need to see a psychiatrist, that i should take some calcium or some vitamins. But no matter what I tried, whatever I was doing nothing wasn't bringing me closer to the life I had before.

After years and years, and after many analyses, I was recommended the Association of Patients with Autoimmune Diseases in Romania, and to go to a doctor at a hospital in Bucharest. Only after more detailed analysis was I finally diagnosed with Sjogren's. However, in Romania there is no treatment for this condition - so for those of us who have this condition, it is very difficult.

I had to find out that I am not alone in this situation, and that there are many people like me - so I decided to start fighting with other people like me, and with the association - hoping that one day we can also benefit from treatment of Sjogren's.