Sjögren's Book 5th Edition


The Sjögren’s Book, Fifth Edition  is a comprehensive and authoritative guide, produced by the Sjögren’s Foundation and its medical advisors and edited by a leading authority on autoimmune disorders.

This expanded edition provides readers with the best medical and practical information on this disease, bringing together current thinking about Sjögren’s in an easily readable and understandable book and providing important new content on areas not covered in previous editions.

With more than fifty chapters written by leading experts, this book illuminates the major clinical aspects of the disease and is loaded with practical tips and advice as well as scientific advancements in the field.

Recognized as the #1 resource for Sjögren’s sufferers, this reliable and informative guide is the first place for patients to look when they have questions about this disabling disease. It is a valuable aid that patients can use while discussing their illness with their physician and an excellent resource for family members.


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