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Patient-to-patient topic: Dating with Sjögren's
Sjögren’s leaves me feeling really tired most days. It gets to the point where I want to sleep or not even socialize. I have learned with dating that voicing my needs in a relationship and not pushing myself on my low days is necessary. Using the Sjögren’s website has also helped me convey my feelings to my loved ones around me.

Most difficult symptoms: My dry mouth. Body pains and eye pain that lead to migraines.

How has Sjögren's impacted my life:  Sjögren’s has impacted my life physically because sometimes I don’t feel well enough to go out, and that affects me emotionally, but being a therapist has taught me to voice my concerns to my loved ones.

What do you wish you knew when first dealing with this symptom/situation? The proper resources I could use to help with my symptoms

What advice would you give to other patients who are dating with Sjögren's? It’s okay to be tired and not overdo it. The right dating partner will understand your low and high points.

What’s your best Sjögren’s tip? Don’t push yourself on the days that are hardest for you!