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Rachel Patient to Patient

Rachel 27 (diagnosed at 25)
Patient-to-patient topic: Joint pain and chronic fatigue
I struggled with joint pain for years in complete defeat. I would finish my workday in tears because my body was in so much pain. It’s okay to have days like that, but those days shouldn’t be your normal. Advocate for yourself, do your own research and try different treatment plans.

I had no hope that I could live a somewhat normal life, sure I still have flares and bad days, but my quality of life has changed dramatically, and this was not handed to me. I fought for it. Keep the fight inside of you!

Best advice: There are solutions to symptoms. Know that there are doctors who are proactive and will want to find the right treatment plan for you. It is important try different things and don’t be discouraged if/when a medication or treatment plan doesn’t work for you. What works for some people, won’t work for everyone, but you will find things that work for you.

Go-to products/tools: Epsom salt baths, Advil Dual Action, a heating pad, and hydroxychloroquine.
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