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Patient to Patient - Antoinette

Antoinette(diagnosed at 52)
Patient-to-patient topic: 
Gastrointestinal (GI) & Constipation Symptoms & Sjögren’s
When first dealing with digestive symptoms and Sjögren’s, I didn't have the right doctor advising me. I wish someone had told me to seek a specialist and make sure that all my organs were functioning correctly. Thanks to the Sjögren’s Foundation, I understand the disease can have multi- organ involvement and have various doctors as part of my medical team. 

Best advice: Keep a journal, what are your triggers. You can live a healthy life if you understand and take care of each issues individual.
Click here for the Foundation Tracking Your Symptoms Worksheet

Listen to your body. For me, this disease has affected my eyes, mouth, teeth, muscle pain, GI complications and vaginal dryness. Having a team of specialists has kept my disease under control. I’ve learned so much through the Sjögren’s Foundation. I encourage all patients to get educated and get involved in the Sjögren’s community. 

Go-to products/tools: Xiidra for dry eyes, Nexium for Gerd/reflex, Advil for muscle pain, Oral-B Dry Mouth Oral Rinse for dry mouth.