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Sophia 31 (diagnosed at 28)
Patient-to-patient topic: Dry Eyes and Sjögren’s
Sjögren’s has completely changed my life. I am no longer able to enjoy activities, social events, or even managing daily tasks without experiencing symptoms.

It’s a full-time job trying to manage this new life. It’s important to dedicate time to take care of yourself and your needs.

Most difficult Sjögren’s symptoms: Chronic dryness, joint pain, and dry eyes

Best advice: Oral care and eye exams are so important. Don’t put off your checkups! Get your eyes examined by a specialist who treats Sjögren’s patients. Sleep with an eye mask and humidifier. Avoid rubbing your eyes, and instead apply warm compresses to promote secretion from your glands. Blink often and wear sunglasses when outside.

Go-to products/tools: I use preservative free eye drops and keep them on hand when I need them. On hot days, having a little kit to keep on hand with eye drops, compresses and sunglasses is helpful.

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