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Isa Fabro

"Since I was diagnosed with Sjögren's, I have learned..."






Since I was diagnosed with Sjogren's, I have learned...that I wasn't crazy; it wasn't all in my head even though it took seven different doctors and YEARS for a diagnosis.  Second, I learned to listen to my true voice, the one that told me it's time to rest, to take care of myself, instead of needlessly pushing forward.  Third, I learned who my real friends are; the quality of my relationships has shone through and given me much love and support.  And I've found new ways to keep working. You need to find like minded individuals who have the same goals and mission.  I've been able to adjust my work/rest schedule to allow for special projects and to keep doing what I love.    

My best Sjogren's tip is to trust, respect, and fight for yourself.  Only you know when something is off, if a treatment is working or not, and when you need rest.  I think of those who are sick and aren't being taken seriously, or who get a diagnosis, but it's too late.  That could have been me, that could have been all of us.   It's real, you are NOT alone, and it's OK to take care of yourself.   I am NOT Sjogren's, Sjogren's is only a part of me.  Much love xoxoxo.