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"Since I was diagnosed with Sjögren's, I have learned..."





An incredible amount about the disease. I was diagnosed 16 years ago at age 55. Oddly enough my journey started with a charley horse one night that was so unbearable I couldn’t sleep. I went to my Doctor the next day and my antibody test came back positive so he sent me to a rheumatologist who then sent me to get a lip biopsy. Through the lip biopsy results, I found out I had Sjögren’s Syndrome.

I am lucky enough that my symptoms aren’t too severe but I experience a lot of joint pain, dry eye, and dry mouth.

With the global coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis going on, I must stay home and avoid being around other people. This is because of my immune system being weak, and due to my age.  I am constantly washing my hands and I wear a mask and gloves when I do have to go out to the store.

My biggest tip is to take my prescribed medication, since it significantly helps me live a normal life like any thing else and I am okay, just pains most of the times.