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"Since I was diagnosed with Sjögren's, I have learned..."





How to priortize my heatlh. I also went on the restrictive AutoImmune Protocol Diet, and learned what foods triggered me, instead of taking immunosuppressive steroids. 

My most difficult symptoms are the fatigue, frequent fevers, and getting a painful Malar rash on my face. 

I can't do certain things anymore, like drink a lot of alcohol or get less than 7 hours of sleep. However, I feel overall much healthier and aware of my health. For example. I started running to cope with my anxiety developed because of Sjögren's, and I am planning to run my first marathon this October!

My biggest Sjögren's tip is to try cutting out inflammatory foods like processed sugar, gluten, and dairy for at least a month. My rheumatologist suggested this, and my biggest symptoms, fatigue and constant fever, completely went away. 

I wish people knew that Sjögren's can sometimes be an invisible disease, so to be sensitive towards people with it in that regard. But also that it's very easy to live a very normal life with Sjögren's, so if you do end up being diagnosed, not to freak out because there are many ways to manage it well!