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Announcing a special donation match program for World Sjögren's Day 2024. This program is sponsored by Amgen in honor of the Sjögren's Foundation's 40th Anniversary. 

Join us in celebrating World Sjögren’s Day on July 23rd! World Sjögren's Day was created by the Sjögren's Foundation to raise much needed awareness for Sjögren's. July 23rd is the birthday of Dr. Henrik Sjögren, the Swedish ophthalmologist who discovered Sjögren's. Every July 23rd, we honor Dr. Sjögren and the millions of Sjögren's patients while spreading awareness about this systemic and serious autoimmune disease.

This year, we are extremely thankful to Amgen for offering a $40,000 fundraising match to commemorate the Sjögren’s Foundation’s 40th anniversary and World Sjögren’s Day! Their generous offer ensures your gift provides even more support for the Foundation and its initiatives.

Ways You Can Make a Difference this World Sjögren’s Day:

How Does Your Donation Fuel Sjögren’s Research and Patient Healthcare Needs?

The Sjögren’s Foundation is proud to be the only nonprofit organization dedicated to the Sjögren's community! The Foundation provides credible resources and education for patients and healthcare professionals. We also fund innovative research, and we advocate for all patients' rights. The Foundation is committed to conquering the complexities of this disease so we can improve the quality of life for all patients. Your gift can make a big difference! Below are some ways in which your donation will help us further our efforts to support patients, fund innovative research, and educate healthcare providers.

Fund a Sjögren’s CME Program:

By partnering with a continuing medical education (CME) provider, the Foundation can educate 5,000 healthcare providers in the U.S. with a 12-month CME program. We are able to fund a new CME, if:

  • 300 people donate $25
  • 150 people donate $50
  • 75 people donate $100

Because Amgen is matching your donation, up to $40,000, your gift is doubled!

Fund a Sjögren’s Foundation Pilot Grant:

The Foundation has led the charge to support and improve the number of experts working on high quality Sjögren’s research. A Foundation Pilot Grant cost $50,000 to help fund a research project focused on Sjögren’s. We can fund a new Pilot Grant if:  which could be obtained with the following donation amounts:

  • 1000 people donate $25
  • 500 people donate $50
  • 250 people donate $100 

Because Amgen is matching your donation, up to $40,000, your gift is doubled! 

Donate during the month of July to participate in the World Sjögren’s Day fundraising efforts. 

Sjögren's Foundation 40th bug logo with fundraising thermometer

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT and Donate for World Sjögren's Day!

Make the most of your gift to the Foundation! 

Amgen will generously match up to $40,000 for donations made in honor of World Sjögren's Day. 

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