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This week, the Sjögren’s Foundation will attend the 16th annual International Symposium for Sjögren’s Disease (ISSjD) in Amsterdam, Holland. ISSjD will host world renowned experts and is themed “Looking Forward”, which will focus on new research, diagnostic tools, and cross-disciplinary collaboration.  

This is the first year that the conference has changed its name from the International Symposium for Sjögren’s Syndrome (ISSS) to ISSjD, reflecting that Sjögren’s is also recognized internationally as a serious and systemic disease.  

The conference will open with a special presentation on “Aligning Patient and Clinician Perspectives” presented by Kathy Hammitt, MA, VP of Scientific and Medical Affairs at the Sjögren’s Foundation and Alan Baer, MD, Chair of the Medical and Science Advisory Board at the Sjögren’s Foundation and Director of Jerome Greene Sjogren's Syndrome Clinic at John’s Hopkins University. This presentation will discuss the different perspectives patients and clinicians have on the priorities of a treatment plan. It also addresses types of questions the patient and clinician should ask each other to ensure the treatment plan is appropriate from both perspectives and helps the patient receive the best care. 

The Foundation is also giving five different presentations: one oral talk and four poster presentations. We partnered with prominent Sjögren’s experts to help present this information. The oral talk will focus on our newest clinical practice guidelines for the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) and the posters will discuss the following topics: Postural Orthostatic Syndrome (POTS) and Sjögren’s, Respiratory Manifestations in Sjögren’s, Rheumatology and Neurology Nomenclature, and our 40th year timeline to highlight the progress made in Sjögren’s. These presentations will provide information on various topics in Sjögren’s to the medical and research community as well as initiate discussions about these topics in Sjögren’s.  

We look forward to the wealth of knowledge that will be shared with the international Sjögren’s medical and research community and cannot wait to share this information with you as well!