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The Sjögren’s Foundation understands that many patients have questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.

With this in mind, the Foundation recently hosted a free member Town Hall webinar featuring Cassandra Calabrese, DO, and member of the Foundation’s COVID-19 Vaccination Committee. This recording includes current information related to COVID-19 and vaccinations as well as a Question & Answer portion in which Dr. Calabrese answers patient-submitted questions. Additionally, you will hear from Janet Church, Sjögren's Foundation President & CEO, and Kathy Hammitt, Foundation Vice President of Medical & Scientific Affairs.  

We hope this resource helps you understand more about Sjögren’s, COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Janet Town Hall Screenshot - COVID






Click Here to Watch the Town Hall Webinar

Within the webinar, you will find information from our COVID-19 and vaccination poll. This poll is still open and collecting data. We encourage you to take part by providing insight into your personal experience with COVID-19 and the vaccine.   

Sjogren's Poll Results 3-23


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* Sjögren’s Foundation COVID-19 Poll Data as of March 24, 2021