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The Sjögren's Foundation is proud to announce we have awarded the joint Sjögren’s Foundation/ Dysautonomia International grant for a Sjögren’s and POTS study to:

Dr. Steve Vernino
Neurology and Neurotherapeutics
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas)

The research is a continued POTS and IVIG treatment study with an added Sjögren’s cohort to study IVIG treatment for Sjögren’s and POTS patients.

To Participate: 

- You have Sjögren’s diagnosis

- You have a POTS diagnosis or suspect you have POTS (and the research team will diagnose you) 

- You have easy access to Dallas (suggest maximum 2 hour driving range) 

- You have not had IVIG treatment

- You are not currently on Rituxan or other biologic

To participate, contact Steve [dot] hopkins [at] utsouthwestern [dot] edu (Steve[dot]hopkins[at]utsouthwestern[dot]edu) at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.