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Real World Health Care Banner feat. K. Hammitt and N. Carteron

Lung diseases are a potentially serious complication of Sjögren’s and often go unrecognized by health care providers. To help improve the early identification, evaluation and management of Sjögren’s-related pulmonary complications, the Sjögren’s Foundation led development of a new set of clinical practice guidelines for physicians, rheumatologists and pulmonologists.

Real World Health Care recently discussed the guidelines with two of their key architects: Katherine Morland Hammitt, MA, vice president of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Sjögren’s Foundation, and Nancy Carteron, MD, FACR, professor of Medicine and Health Sciences with dual appointments at the University of California – San Francisco and Berkeley. Dr. Carteron also serves as Rheumatology chair of the Sjögren’s Foundation’s Clinical Practice Guidelines Program, Berkeley Sjögren’s Clinic team member and as a board member of the HealthWell Foundation, sponsor of Real World Health Care.

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