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April is Sjögren’s Awareness Month. Sjögren’s Awareness Month was first established in 1998 when New York Congresswoman, Louise Slaughter, read it into the Congressional Record. The Foundation works to keep the spirit of national awareness alive every April with our #ThisIsSjögrens campaign.

#ThisIsSjögrens was created to highlight you and share the stories of real patients. Every patient has a unique and powerful story to share, and it is the collection of your experiences that portrays this complex disease. We not only want to raise awareness of Sjögren’s, but also come together to connect “patient to patient” and share how patients are effectively coping with the disease and offer advice for others.

Every day in April we will highlight a different patient on our website and social media accounts. While each daily post will only give a small glimpse into what is Sjögren’s, by the end of the month, we believe these 30 posts will showcase the complexity of the disease.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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If you would like to be featured in this year’s April Sjögren's Awareness campaign, you can submit story through the link below. All stories submitted in April are eligible to be highlighted as one of our 30 stories!

April Awareness Story Submissions