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The Foundation is excited to announce that we have revamped our research policies to provide more funding and opportunities for Sjögren’s research. One of our Mission pillars at the Foundation is to lead, encourage and fund innovative research projects to better understand, diagnose and treat Sjögren’s. As such, we increased our annual Foundation grant funding amounts and created new ways for researchers to obtain funding. 

Our annual Foundation grants include Pilot and High Impact grants and this grant application cycle opened on November 1st and will close on February 1st.  Our Pilot Grant provides researchers with the opportunity to collect preliminary data that is often needed to apply for larger grants provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other funding institutions. We have doubled the amount of our funding and will now provide researchers with $50,000. Previously, our Pilot Grants were only one year in duration. Now, we provide researchers with the opportunity to apply for one-year grants or two-year grants, which will also help decrease the lag time between funding for them.

Our High Impact Grant funding increased from $75,000 to $100,000. The High Impact Grant is for researchers that have already shown promising data and are looking towards expanding their research or moving forward to the next phase. Researchers can apply for one-year, two-year, or three-year grants.

The Foundation also created two new funding mechanisms which are the Dynamic Grant and the Partner Grant. The new Dynamic Grant was created to support time-sensitive and critical work that falls outside of the normal grant cycle for the Foundation’s annual grants. Researchers are asked to submit an initial overview of their work for consideration, to include the significance and strengths of their science as well as how their science will help us understand more about Sjögren’s. The Foundation will review their proposal with our Research Chair, and, if selected, will invite them to submit a full application.

The Partner Grant was created to facilitate collaborations between the Foundation and another funding organization. This, in turn, will provide more funds for the researcher. We previously partnered with Dysautonomia International, and this experience facilitated the creation of this new opportunity. The Partner Grant, like the Dynamic Grant, will accept applications outside of the Foundation’s normal grant cycle.

Researchers can now apply for the Foundation's annual Pilot and High Impact grants as well as the Dynamic Grant using Proposal Central. We invested in Proposal Central to streamline our grant review process and improve access to new and more researchers. 

We hope by providing an increase in funding as well as new funding mechanisms that this will help push Sjögren’s research forward! At the Foundation, we are extremely fortunate to be able to provide funding opportunities thanks to the incredible generosity of donors who are committed to making a difference for patients who live with this disease.  We are excited to receive new proposals!

To read more about our current and past recipients, please visit: