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Patient-to-Patient is an opportunity for Sjögren's patients to share their real experiences and advice living with this disease.

Each Patient-to-Patient story discusses a specific symptom or aspect of living with Sjögren’s. They are a unique look into how individuals manage their disease.

These stories will be shared once a month for patients to share directly how they are effectively coping with the disease and offer advice for others. View our Patient-to-Patient library to see current topics and learn how to submit your story. 

Topics include:

  • POTS & Sjögren’s
  • Joint Pain & Chronic Fatigue
  • Being a mom with Sjögren’s
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) & Constipation Symptoms 
  • Dry Eyes & Sjögren’s
  • Fatigue, Brain Fog & Sjögren’s

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