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More than thirty million Americans experience symptoms of chronic dry eye disease, however only 16 million are diagnosed. Chronic dry eye can also signal an underlying systemic cause, such as Sjögren’s. This is why raising awareness of dry eye symptoms and the important of talking to your doctor about all your health symptoms are important. 

In 2005, the Sjögren’s Foundation, along with coalition partners, asked Congress to officially declare July “Dry Eye Awareness Month” to help increase awareness of dry eye, while also educate the public about symptoms, treatment options and causes for dry eye. 92% of Sjögren’s patients identify with having dry eyes and other primary symptoms of Sjögren’s  include fatigue, joint pain, dry mouth and dry skin  (2016 Harris Survey).  

The declaration of July as Dry Eye Awareness Month helps ensure that a primary symptom of Sjögren’s gets widespread recognition. 

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