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Teeth sensitivity could be caused by several reasons and its management largely depends on the cause of sensitivity. Some of the common reasons in patients with Sjögren’s are exposed roots, chipped or cracked teeth or worn teeth. Treatment choice will depend on cause of sensitivity as well as severity. Most times desensitizing tooth pastes like Sensodyne and Crest Sensitivity toothpaste may be enough. Other options could be high fluoride tooth-paste like Prevident 5000 or applying topical fluoride using a fluoride tray which your dentist can make for you. If gingival recession is the cause, then exposed root surfaces may be protected using bonding agents or gum grafting can be done. In extreme cases where sensitivity becomes unbearable then root canal treatment could be the only option. My suggestion would be to get help from your dentist since they need to evaluate the cause of sensitivity. I would also suggest keeping your mouth well lubricated

By Iquebal Hasan, DDS

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