Childhood Sjogren's Conference


The Sjögren's Foundation held the first Childhood Sjögren's Conference on September 18th, 2021. The entire 4 hour event is available for purchase as a video download.

Whether you're a parent of a child living with Sjögren's or if you had symptoms that started when you were a child, this download is for you. Besides creating a broader understanding of symptoms and treatments for childhood Sjögren's, the Foundation hopes the information may be useful to adult patients in determining the true onset of their disease and if they may have experienced Sjögren's as a child.

Topics Covered:

Overview of Childhood Sjögren’s – Sara Stern, MD

Parotitis and How to Prevent Dental Decay- Ava Wu, DMD

Ophthalmology in Childhood Sjögren’s – Vatinee Bunya, MD

Exciting Progress in Childhood Sjögren’s – Moderator Scott Lieberman, MD

   -  Salivary Biomarkers in Childhood Sjögren’s - Scott Lieberman, MD

   -  Mitochondrial RNA Regulators in Pediatric Patients - Seunghee Cha, DDS, PhD

   -  Retrospective Study of Childhood Sjögren’s – Matt Basiaga, DO

   -  Pediatric Rheumatology Provider Survey - Rachel Randell, MD

   -  How to Interpret Minor Salivary Gland Biopsies in Children - Brian Dizon, MD, PhD

Panel Discussion- Scott Lieberman, MD, Jamie Diianni, parent, and Michele Champigny, Foundation VP, Patient Services & Education

Video Downloads

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